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Video 12/23/2021

Video: How Leaving an IRA to Your Spouse Could Disinherit Your Kids

IRA owners often name their spouse as the beneficiary of their IRA. This video explains why doing so may cause problems if the spouse decides to re... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 12/21/2021

A Holly, Jolly Look Back at 2021

Happy Holidays from the Dunham team! Let's take a Holly, Jolly look back at 2021 as we prepare for the year to come. READ MORE

Sales Development 12/14/2021

Expressions for People in Sales to Get Their Point Across

You need to find prospects, get them to talk with you, follow up and eventually close. Sometimes the right expression can help to get your point ac... READ MORE

Video 12/9/2021

Why You Should Name a Trust as the Beneficiary of Your IRA

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may contain a large portion of assets that you've saved with your children or other loved ones in mind. When... READ MORE

Client Retention 12/7/2021

6 Topics for Financial Advisors to Discuss During Annual Reviews

And just like that, as quickly as 2021 began, it came to a close. The end of the year can often catch us by surprise as we dive into everything fro... READ MORE

Sales Development 11/30/2021

The Financial Advisor’s Checklist for Closing a Sale

Today, we’re looking at the final (and essential) puzzle piece – closing a sale with a potential prospect. We’re looking at five critical steps to ... READ MORE

Video 11/23/2021

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

If you have clients who want to become more intentional with their charitable giving, they may be interested in establishing a donor-advised fund. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 11/16/2021

Your Financial Practice Will Require These Numbers for 2022

This past Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service released inflation adjustments on various tax items for the year 2022. I thought you would find i... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 11/11/2021

Establishing a Dunham Donor-Advised Fund When Selling Highly Appreciated Stock

When the sale of a stock yields substantial gains, it will trigger a tax bill that, at times, can be sizeable. There could be significant tax advan... READ MORE

Free Time & Leisure 11/9/2021

Why Expressing Gratitude Matters in a Professional Relationship

In the professional world, gratitude can be a little-talked-about subject. But it's an important one! Showing gratitude and appreciation for your c... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 11/4/2021

Establishing a Dunham Donor-Advised Fund When Selling Real Estate

When the sale of real estate yields substantial gains, it will trigger a tax bill that, at times, can be substantial. There could be significant ta... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 11/2/2021

How Clients' State Residency Affects Estate Taxes

When considering estate taxes, where your client lives has a big impact on how much their estate will owe when they die. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 10/28/2021

Establishing a Dunham Donor-Advised Fund When Selling a Business

When the sale of a business yields substantial gains, it will trigger a tax bill that, at times, can be substantial. READ MORE

Free Time & Leisure 10/26/2021

Simple Ways to Stay Active While at the Office

Spending the day sitting at your desk, in meetings with clients, or in your car commuting can be an unavoidable part of being a financial advisor. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 10/21/2021

Combining Two Powerful Gifting Strategies: The Charitable Remainder Trust and the Dunham Donor-Advised Fund

Reaching philanthropic goals is different for every family and often is combined with specific financial goals they seek to achieve. Some focus on ... READ MORE

Trust 10/19/2021

Estate Planning Awareness Week: Don’t Let Your Clients Fall Victim to These Common Myths

This week is Estate Planning Awareness Week (October 18–24, 2021). This article is geared toward helping you gain understanding of the most common ... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 10/14/2021

The Power of Philanthropy for Families: Teaching Your Children and Grandchildren

Establishing a multigenerational giving plan effectively passes along shared beliefs and values to your family. This leaves a positive impact for y... READ MORE

Video 10/12/2021

Video: Dunham | Quarter in 2s

Every quarter we will give you our opinions on domestic markets, international markets, and the bond market, all in about 2 minutes. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 10/7/2021

Use "Super Bunching" When Converting to a Roth IRA

The idea of charitable bunching may allow you to increase your tax savings by contributing multiple years of charitable deduction in one year. READ MORE

Client Retention 10/5/2021

Five Ways to Network with Clients this Fall Season

Fall has arrived, but just because you are hard at work doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the season! READ MORE