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Emotional Market Timing: Operation Desert Storm

This post was authored by Salvatore M. Capizzi, Dunham's Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. If you have questions concerning today's topic, please c... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 2/22/2022

A Valuable Resource During a Bear Market | Dunham’s Market Cycle Chart

One reason you may want to maintain hope during a bear market lies in the understanding that in our view, the stock market generally rises and fall... READ MORE

Video 2/15/2022

Turning to Dollar Cost Averaging During a Market Decline

Today we’ll be looking at how investors can take the emotion out of investing by Understanding Dollar Cost Averaging. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 2/8/2022

Looking Back at the COVID Crash of 2020

When the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2020, few people could have predicted emotional and tumultuous effect COVID-19 would have on their lives. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 2/1/2022

Using Emotions as Your Investment Guide Could Cost You

This video shows your clients that they aren’t alone if they’ve been up late contemplating what to do when the value of their stock portfolio decli... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 1/25/2022

Helping Clients through Market Downturns Without Panic Selling

With negative numbers lining indexes, whispers of “bear market” are growing louder and louder. READ MORE

Video 1/20/2022

Video: Is Giving Your IRA to Charity the Only Alternative to Paying the Tax?

In Greek Mythology, Homer wrote about two sea monsters, Scylla and Charybdis, who lived on opposite sides of the Strait of Messina. They posed an i... READ MORE

Trust 1/18/2022

What is a Charitable Remainder Trust and How Does it Work?

A charitable remainder trust is a powerful solution for eliminating capital gains taxes at the point of sale and converting appreciated assets, lik... READ MORE

Video 1/13/2022

Video: Establishing an IRA Trust for a Special Needs Child

If a special needs beneficiary receives needs-based government benefits, like Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, or housing assistance, attain... READ MORE

Video 1/11/2022

Video: Dunham | Quarter in 2s

Every quarter we will give you our opinions on domestic markets, international markets, and the bond market, all in about 2 minutes. READ MORE

Video 1/6/2022

Video: IRA Planning for a Beneficiary Affected by Substance Abuse

Many parents will name their children as beneficiaries of their IRAs, but when one of those children has had a substance abuse problem, estate and ... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 1/4/2022

The Dunham Tax Season Playbook

As a financial advisor who also has a tax practice, it would not be surprising if your clients asked what they are receiving for the fee they are p... READ MORE

Video 12/30/2021

Video: Leaving More Lifetime Income to Your Family From Your IRA

In 2020, most provisions of the SECURE Act went into effect, including a provision that requires a mandatory payment of all taxes on an inherited I... READ MORE

Video 12/23/2021

Video: How Leaving an IRA to Your Spouse Could Disinherit Your Kids

IRA owners often name their spouse as the beneficiary of their IRA. This video explains why doing so may cause problems if the spouse decides to re... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 12/21/2021

A Holly, Jolly Look Back at 2021

Happy Holidays from the Dunham team! Let's take a Holly, Jolly look back at 2021 as we prepare for the year to come. READ MORE

Sales Development 12/14/2021

Expressions for People in Sales to Get Their Point Across

You need to find prospects, get them to talk with you, follow up and eventually close. Sometimes the right expression can help to get your point ac... READ MORE

Video 12/9/2021

Why You Should Name a Trust as the Beneficiary of Your IRA

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may contain a large portion of assets that you've saved with your children or other loved ones in mind. When... READ MORE

Client Retention 12/7/2021

6 Topics for Financial Advisors to Discuss During Annual Reviews

And just like that, as quickly as 2021 began, it came to a close. The end of the year can often catch us by surprise as we dive into everything fro... READ MORE

Sales Development 11/30/2021

The Financial Advisor’s Checklist for Closing a Sale

Today, we’re looking at the final (and essential) puzzle piece – closing a sale with a potential prospect. We’re looking at five critical steps to ... READ MORE

Video 11/23/2021

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

If you have clients who want to become more intentional with their charitable giving, they may be interested in establishing a donor-advised fund. READ MORE