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Macro 3/5/2024

Credit Hangover? Why Rising Delinquencies May Challenge the "Soft Landing" Narrative

Rising consumer debt and delinquencies paint a concerning picture, despite a strong labor market. This article explores the potential economic vuln... READ MORE

Dunham Deep Dive 3/1/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At Today

Dunham Deep Dive breaks down 3 key stories: 1) Opaque valuations threaten $1.7 trillion private credit market. 2) Rising rates squeeze consumers mo... READ MORE

Macro 2/28/2024

A Dive into the Overnight Reverse Repo Market and The Cracks Within

Dive into the crucial yet overlooked realm of the Overnight Reverse Repo market and its potential implications throughout 2024. READ MORE

Retirement 2/27/2024

What Is The ‘Retirement Spending Smile’ and Why Is It Important

In retirement planning, understanding realistic spending patterns is crucial. Contrary to the assumption of increasing spending, retirees often exp... READ MORE

News 2/22/2024

Dunham Surpassed $5 Billion in Combined AUM and AUA

This post was authored by the Dunham Marketing Team. If you have questions concerning today's topic, please call us at (858) 964 - 0500. Hol... READ MORE

DunhamDC 2/20/2024

From Past to Future: Mutual Funds' Transformative Journey and Their Impact with DunhamDC

This post was authored by Salvatore M. Capizzi, Dunham's Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. If you have questions concerning today's topic, pl... READ MORE

Dunham Deep Dive 2/20/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

This week's Dunham Deep Dive covers the staggering $929 billion in commercial property loans set to mature, the alarming plunge in US retail sales ... READ MORE

Retirement 2/13/2024

The Truth About Retirement: Exploring Four Common Myths

Explore the truth behind four retirement myths and learn to navigate around these with clarity and greater confidence. READ MORE

Macro 2/9/2024

Contagion Effect: Banks Choking on Their Commercial Real Estate Exposure

The commercial real estate market's fragility threatens smaller banks, as shown by NYCB's drastic stock plunge due to Q4-2023 losses. Banks shift ... READ MORE

Behavioral Finance 2/6/2024

Four Emotional Biases and Cognitive Flaws That Impact Your Decision-Making

Delve into the intricate workings of markets, where human emotions shape financial decisions. Explore how emotional biases and cognitive flaws dri... READ MORE

Macro 2/5/2024

“On Borrowed Time?”: Taking A Closer Look at The U.S. Consumer

The U.S. consumer, a key economic driver, displays resilience amid volatility. However, growing concerns arise as recency bias may mask underlying ... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 1/30/2024

Timeless Wisdom: Understanding Mr. Market's Role in Your Portfolio

Here is timeless investor wisdom we can learn from Mr. Market. What is Mr. Market? Find out as we explore Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett's prin... READ MORE

Macro 1/26/2024

The Commercial Real Estate Crunch: Are Small Banks Sitting on a Ticking Time Bomb?

U.S. banks face a ticking time bomb in commercial real estate, with smaller banks sitting on a pile of souring loans. This market stress is driven ... READ MORE

Macro 1/25/2024

The Great Wall of Worry: Is China on the Brink of a Balance Sheet Recession?

China's economy faces challenges: anemic consumer demand, soaring debt, deflation, eroding private business investment, and high youth unemployment... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 1/23/2024

The Perfect Storm: Why This May Be The Most Important Time For A Financial Advisor

The Fujiwhara effect, a meteorological rarity, mirrors a financial convergence: Baby Boomers' mass retirement and escalating market volatility. Wit... READ MORE

Macro 1/19/2024

Banking Fragility Unveiled? Separating Fact from Fiction in Financial Systems

Skepticism persists about the banking system. Challenges include misconceptions about banking and the impact of interest rates on lending. With len... READ MORE

Retirement 1/16/2024

Sequence Risk, What it Is, And Why It Matters In A Bear Market For Retirees

This piece illustrates how sequence risk can lead to financial success or hardship, emphasizing the need for strategic planning to ensure a secure ... READ MORE

Macro 1/12/2024

“Carmageddon”: Is The Auto Market Looking Fragile? I Believe So

The auto market is showing signs of stress. As delinquencies rise, negative equity surges, and loan demand drops, consumers face increasing fragili... READ MORE


Dunham Quarterly Snapshot For Q4 2023 + Dunham Behind-The-Scenes For Q1 2024

This post was authored by the Dunham Marketing Team. If you have questions concerning today's topic, please call us at (858) 964 - 0500. Hol... READ MORE

Macro 1/5/2024

‘Corporate Cannibalism’: How Monopoly Powers And Corporate Concentration Are Helping Widen Inequality

The article covers how corporate concentration since the 1980s. Factors like increased M&A, lax antitrust enforcement and lobbying by big firms hav... READ MORE