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Financial Advisors 4/13/2020

New Relief for Retirees Taking Unwanted RMDs in 2020 – But for Everyone

On Thursday, April 9, 2020 IRS issued Notice 2020-23, which extended additional key tax deadlines for individuals and businesses. READ MORE

Video 4/7/2020

Video: Dunham | Quarter in 2s

Every quarter we will give you our opinions on domestic markets, international markets, and the bond market, all in about 2 minutes. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 3/31/2020

Had We Not Done This, It Would Have Been a Big Mistake - News Your Clients Must Know Right Now.

The Government just moments ago unveiled a major program that will help to pay the $2 trillion emergency spending bill – but not all your clients w... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 3/30/2020

Quick Reference Of Relevant Provisions Of CARES Act

The CARE Act, signed by President Trump on Friday, March 27, aims to provide emergency assistance for individuals, families, and businesses affecte... READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/25/2020

When Fixed Income Broke?

A balanced portfolio comprised of stocks and fixed income (bonds) has been historically designed to diversify the risk of stocks. READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/24/2020

Can The Fed, Congress, and The President Rescue Our Economy From Recession?

To put $1 trillion in perspective, moving backwards in time, 1 billion seconds would take us to about 1989. 1 trillion seconds would take us to aro... READ MORE

Free Time & Leisure 3/19/2020

Social Distancing Activities - Live Updates

Countless places around the world have closed in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But social distancing does not have to be all that bad, do... READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/18/2020

The Anatomy Of A Depression Vs. A Recession

After the crash of 1987, the running joke between traders on Wall Street was that the difference between a recession and a depression is that when ... READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/12/2020

Video: Remaining Hopeful In A Bear Market

Having hope in the face of panic is never easy. However, there's good reasoning when asking yourself or your clients to keep courage. READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/11/2020

The Prospects Of Economic Recovery Following Coronavirus

The stability of global markets is a major concern of government officials and investment professionals. Investors are reeling as markets drop, but... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 3/10/2020

Scripts for Financial Advisors: Preparing for the Next Market Decline

Here is a brief Market Decline Prep Script you can use now, while the market is still relatively high, with each of your clients. You can also use ... READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/5/2020

Three Data Points For You To Consider On The Coronavirus

In our Calm, Steady, and Common Sense series, we endeavor to bring you information to help you through the current market that may be helpful in ex... READ MORE

Client Retention 3/4/2020

Building Client Relationships: 1 Simple Task to Earn Loyalty

Joe Girard was a master of making people feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated. However, it was his method of doing so that separated him from... READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/2/2020

Dunham’s Response to the Coronavirus and the Current Market

On Sunday, March 1, as of the writing of this report, the Wall Street Journal reported that Rhode Island and New York have their first Coronavirus ... READ MORE

Market Opinion 2/28/2020

Calm, Steady, and Common Sense

We have all dealt with market, economic, or geopolitical events and the fear they may cause. Generally, this fear is the perception of the current ... READ MORE

Self Improvement 2/27/2020

Timely Topics for Client Conversations

In this post, some topics for client conversations are discussed, as well as remedies to concerns which clients may have to developments in the mar... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 2/25/2020

Why Investors Should Pay for Advice

The bull market has run for more than ten years. Many investors don't remember down markets. Now online trades seem to be commission free. READ MORE

Sales Development 2/20/2020

What Scottie Pippen's Bankruptcy Can Teach Us

Bankruptcies are common among professional athletes, winners of the lottery, and celebrities in the public eye. READ MORE

Self Improvement 2/18/2020

Systematize, Systematize, Systematize

With so much distraction, dysfunction and noise going on, it’s more important than ever to streamline your practice by systematizing all your proce... READ MORE

Client Acquisition 2/13/2020

Emerging Opportunities in Niche Markets

When clients are not sure who to pick or how to differentiate amongst a sea of financial advisors, knowing you belong to a similar group of people ... READ MORE