Dunham Funds

Dunham simplifies the process of being a financial advisor. We provide innovative mutual funds from a variety of asset class categories that seek to provide steady returns with low volatility.

Why Choose Dunham Funds?

Our sub-advisers are compensated using fulcrum fees so they are fully accountable.

Our Funds are available individually or as part of our Asset Allocation Programs.

Our Funds fit any range in a client’s risk profile so you can use them to help achieve a variety of investment objectives.

When you invest with Dunham Funds, you gain a wealth of benefits, including access to institutional-level sub-advisers not typically available to retail clients.

View a complete list of our family of public mutual funds, with objectives ranging from sustaining current income to aggressively growing assets.


Our institutional sub-advisers select and manage the investments, so you don’t have to. When you reduce your time spent managing assets, you can reinvest that time saved into building client relationships.