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Time is Money: 7 ways to use your 'gap time' more productively

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What is a Donor Advised Fund

Through the years, Donor-Advised Funds have become increasingly common in the philanthropic community for the good they can do today and the good t... READ MORE


Take the Roth IRA Quiz!

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How a Private Family Foundation Works

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Retirement Guide for Self-Employed Clients

For your self-employed clients, the common question is, which retirement plan is right for me? Is it a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP IRA), Savin... READ MORE


Why Charitable Giving Benefits All - Including You and Your Family

Many of us have dreamed of making the world a better place. We have visions of a world with equality, freedom, and healthcare available to all - a ... READ MORE


What to Give Clients Who Have Everything: Client Gift Guide

With Thanksgiving suddenly behind us, it's time to start looking forward to what many consider 'the most wonderful time of the year. As the holiday... READ MORE


Falling for Fintech: Financial Planning Software

According to The Kitces Research on Independent Adviser Tech, in 2021, 83% of financial advisors used some type of financial planning software. If ... READ MORE


Charitable Remainder Trust

Capital gains got you down? See our new Charitable Remainder Trust Video! READ MORE


Finance Essentials: Market Volatility Lecture

While this may not be a completely new concept to your clients, it may be worth clarifying. Trying to break down the complexity of market volatilit... READ MORE


Bridging the Generational Gap: How to Talk to Your Clients’ Children and Grandchildren About Student Debt Cancellation

As you may have read, there is new hope for us student loan carriers: the possibility of student debt cancellation. Although a federal appeals cour... READ MORE


A Handy Quick Summary of IRS Tax Inflation Adjustments and Retirement Plan Increases for 2023

The IRS recently published its Inflation adjustments. I am writing this piece, so you have this information at your fingertips for when questions a... READ MORE


Dunham Quarter in 2s 3Q 2022

This post was authored by the Dunham Marketing Team. If you have questions concerning today's topic, please call us at (858) 964 - 0500. Hold ... READ MORE


Should You Survey Your Clients

When you are a financial advisor, you are often the closest you can get to owning your own business. The downside is unhappy clients do not put you... READ MORE


IRS Forgives You and Your Client for not Taking Certain RMDs

On late Friday, October 7, 2022, the IRS issued Notice 2022-53[1] In this Notice, the Internal Revenue Service said it would waive the 50% penalty ... READ MORE


Who are the Influencers in Your Community

People think of influencers as those who are often asked for advice on a 1:1 basis. Let’s stick with the individuals often asked for face-to-face a... READ MORE


Falling for Fintech: Email Marketing Software

In today’s 2nd installment of “Falling for Fintech,” I will explore what Email Marketing Software is and how it may be worth swiping right on. READ MORE


Finance Essentials: Compound Interest Class

Your clients may have seemed to understand compound interest, but do they know how it works? While this may not be a completely new concept to your... READ MORE


Disappointing Inflation Numbers and The Fed Balance Sheet Response

This morning’s inflation report sent the stock and bond markets into a tailspin. How will the Federal Reserve respond to this disappointing report? READ MORE


Falling for Fintech: How to Choose a CRM

How do you choose a CRM as a financial advisor? What are the considerations that need to be made and the features that should be sought after? READ MORE