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Market Opinion 2/28/2019

Video: Remaining Hopeful in a Bear Market

While no two markets are the same and past performance is never an indication of future results, historical evidence, as well as academic research,... READ MORE

Client Retention 2/24/2019

Building Trust with Clients: 3 Techniques

No matter what side of the service provider/client relationship you're on, cultivating trust in the workplace is an essential part of keeping workf... READ MORE

Market Opinion 2/23/2019

10 Unexpected Reasons Volatility Drives Clients Nuts

Our content this week is courtesy of Bryce Sanders over on ThinkAdvisor. His piece, 10 Unexpected Reasons Volatility Drives Clients Nuts, gives som... READ MORE

About Us 2/21/2019

Welcome to the Dunham Blog

Thank you for visiting the Dunham Investment & Associates Blog. This site will provide posts on a variety of financial topics, like sales tips, mar... READ MORE