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Client Acquisition 10/24/2019

Who Are Centers of Influence, Anyway?

For many advisors, meeting and associating with high net worth (HNW) prospects is a challenging goal. This article lists activities that may introd... READ MORE

Trust 10/22/2019

Five Key Aspects to Look For in a Trust Company

Offering trust services allows you to build your client's wealth well into the future while at the same time creating a strong business relationshi... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 10/17/2019

Craft Your Answer to “What Do You Do?”

Advisors and agents put lots of effort into getting themselves into the right social situations with the right people. Shortly after introducing th... READ MORE

Trust 10/17/2019

Creating Large Pools of Assets to Manage: A Planning Tool for Deferring Taxes for up to 20 Years

If a client or prospect mentions they plan to sell a highly appreciated real estate or business, a planning tool known as an Intermediated Installm... READ MORE

Sales Development 10/10/2019

How Drinking Better Wine Can Lead to Increased Business

As a financial advisor you want to join high net worth (HNW) circles, make friends and transition those relationships to business when appropriate.... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 10/3/2019

8 Things Wealthy People Worry About

Your well-off clients may have primary concerns more local than global events. In his article, Bryce Sanders discusses what some of these concerns ... READ MORE

Government 10/1/2019

Impeachment and the Bull Market

Last week, I had three conversations with financial advisors and with one Dunham investor asking if I thought that an impeachment would mark the en... READ MORE

Sales Development 9/26/2019

An Overlooked Way to Increase Your Client Base

When you tell your friends what you do, you can find yourself wondering why they have not yet become your client, even long after your practice is ... READ MORE

Self Improvement 9/24/2019

It’s September 2019 – Time to Go Back to School

Now that summer is over, isn't it time to refocus your personal learning? Jim Rohrbach of Success Skills has compiled an excellent resource of book... READ MORE

Client Retention 9/16/2019

Be A Resource To Your Clients With Special Needs Children

Clients with special needs children can have many demanding needs that you may not be familiar with. Mike Zhang at has put toge... READ MORE

Free Time & Leisure 9/12/2019

15 Things Wealthy People Talk About

While we might be tempted to think of the wealthy as a separate class of people with separate hopes, dreams, and interests, it is often the case th... READ MORE

Client Retention 9/10/2019

Lessons Learned from Netflix in Retaining Clients

Acquiring customers is harder than retaining current ones. Analysis shows that it can cost five times more to get a new person to use your product ... READ MORE

Sales Development 9/5/2019

Want new clients? Partner with another business

Hosting events when prospecting can be a tricky business, especially when you feel as though you've exhausted your usual dine around or seminar ser... READ MORE

Free Time & Leisure 8/29/2019

10 Ways to Appear Wealthy

Bryce Sanders writes about presenting yourself properly in a way that will make your appearance as rich as your advising skills. READ MORE

Self Improvement 8/27/2019

Sample Timelines for Successful Seminars

It can be difficult to time out your seminars so you have enough time to prepare but also keep your workflow smooth and don't end up with lots of w... READ MORE

Free Time & Leisure 8/22/2019

How Do the Wealthy Spend Their Money?

Advising or prospecting for wealthy clients need not be an ordeal. If you start with a fundamental understanding of where the wealthy spend their m... READ MORE

About Us 8/19/2019

Dunham Trust Company Celebrates 20 Years and You May Get the Present!

In 1999, Dunham Trust Company (DTC) was founded on the simple idea that cultivating highly personal service would make a positive difference in pro... READ MORE

Client Retention 8/15/2019

Protecting the Elderly from Financial Abuse

It's essential that our clients and their loved ones are protected from scams and fraud that can drastically endanger their long-term financial wel... READ MORE

Sales Development 8/13/2019

How My Financial Advisors are Hiring Quality Talent for Their Practice

Would you believe me if I told you that back in 2009, as a junior in college, I had financial advisors in my branch office calling me asking for help? READ MORE

Free Time & Leisure 8/8/2019

Why Wealth Building is like Weight Training

From fees paid to progress measured, Bryce Sanders writes about how to explain your advising in terms of weight training to clients who may be more... READ MORE