Dunham Donor-Advised Fund

Leave a Positive Impact for Your Family to Follow

Leave a Positive Impact with a Donor-Advised Fund

Through your charitable giving you can help solve world problems, emphasize your values, and leave behind a lasting legacy. A donor-advised fund (DAF) with Dunham brings clarity and intentionality to the giving process.

The Dunham Donor-Advised Fund is one of the only multiple manager donor-advised funds we are aware of where the managers are paid based on their ability to outperform their respective benchmark.

Benefits of the Dunham DAF

Minimize Taxes, Maximize Generosity

Receive an immediate income tax deduction for the year you contribute to the Dunham Donor-Advised Fund, regardless of whether you support your charities now or in the future.

World-Wide Giving

The Dunham Donor-Advised Fund is one of the few DAFs that allow you to give to domestic charities or charities abroad.

Donate a Range of Assets

Maximize your tax benefits with the ability to contribute complex assets such as real estate, collectables, cryptocurrencies, or businesses. Your assets will be liquidated and the proceeds distributed to your Dunham Donor-Advised Fund.

Track Your Charitable Impact

An annual report allows you to see the positive effect your charitable donations have made.

Leave a Positive Impact for Your Family to Follow

When you pass away, you will have left a positive impact for your family to follow. The Dunham Donor-Advised Fund and your financial advisor will work with your successors to continue donating to charities.

Teach Your Children About Charitable Giving

You can teach your children or grandchildren the value of generosity by involving them in the selection of charities and letting them see the long-term impact their generosity brings.

How It Works

You are the Donor You contribute cash or other types of assets Dunham Donor-Advised Fund You receive a tax deduction and avoid capital gains Your Financial Adviser manages your fund while you focus on giving Easy to use portal allows you to decide the charity, when to donate, and how much to donate from your fund
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The Dunham DAF is powered by University Impact, a registered 501©(3) nonprofit in the United States who manages the charitable aspects of the Donor Advised Fund.