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When I was in high school, I remember Valentine's Day used to make me feel disappointed. All day long, different students would receive roses, chocolates, or teddy bears from their significant others. While it must have been fun for those few couples, it was disappointing and downright gloomy for the rest of us.

That was until one year, one of my friends proposed we make Valentine's Day Cards for the whole homeroom class, just like we used to do in elementary. While it was just a small card with a cheesy Valentine's Day pun, I was blown away by how happy it made my classmates and, as a result, me.

That's when I realized the impact of seeing Valentine's Day as an excuse to show the people in your life, not just significant others, that you care about them.

Your clients are the people in your life that you make a business of caring for, so why not use this holiday to show your clients some love as well? For this article, I want to share five simple Valentine's Day Ideas to spread the love to your clients.

Valentine's Day Ideas

A Valentine's Day Card:

You don't have to be in elementary school to send Valentine's. A simple card for your clients can go a long way. Consider handwriting a message on the card if you want to add an impactful touch. Take advantage of every opportunity to keep your practice at the top of your client's mind.

A Simple Gift:

As I mentioned in my high school story above, sometimes people feel left out on Valentine's Day, so this is a great time to go out of your way to make them feel appreciated. You can do this with simple Valentine's Day gifts, such as lovely flowers or chocolates for them and their family. Of course, always remember to follow your firm’s policies and regulatory requirements to ensure you adhere to the gift limits and reporting requirements.

Valentine's Day Ideas

Make it Personal:

This time of year can be busy as a financial advisor, so organizing something on Valentine's Day may be difficult. If you find yourself struggling to make time to arrange a gift or card, a call may go a long way. A brief phone call wishing your client a happy day and expressing your thanks for their business is a great way to make your clients feel loved.

Try to incorporate and remember details about your clients and their lives when you talk to them. The fact that you remember their wife's name may be more impactful than a card and a dozen roses.

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Valentine's Day Ideas

Take Time to Listen:

Showing your client love is not always about reaching out and talking to them; sometimes, it's about your clients coming to talk to you. In the Dunham Blog Post, "You Should Survey Your Clients," Bryce Sanders explains the reasoning behind asking for feedback.

Taking the time to demonstrate you care about your clients and what they have to say with a simple feedback survey can be extremely meaningful. Being heard can make anyone feel loved.

Find Ways to Add Value:

Remember the importance of adding value to every interaction you have with your clients.

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a resource. Offer your clients some Valentine's Day Resources, such as a complimentary webinar or free consultation. Show your clients that you're invested in them just like they are invested with you.

With these Valentine's Day ideas, you can make your clients feel loved this holiday. Finding ways to show how much you love your clients may create stronger client relationships and communication, which leads to better business.

Remember, any holiday can be a reason to remind your clients that you are there for them and keep your practice on the top of your mind.

While showing your love to others this Valentine's Day, remember to love yourself. Happy Valentine's Day!


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