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There’s an old saying in marketing – especially in the digital age.

“Content is king”

And for many financial advisors, this is a very important - yet underutilized – topic.

See, in an age where there are countless digital outlets at the consumer’s disposal, people – and prospective clients - put a premium on content they trust.

Or – said another way – there’s so much noise out there that it’s information overload. Thus, finding qualified professionals to help and share their insights is what matters.

  • To put this into perspective: according to a recent survey from Intelliflo1 – a leading cloud-based technology platform for financial advisors - 71% of Gen Z (ages 18-25) and 72% of Millennials (ages 26-41) strongly or somewhat agree that there are financial topics they want advice on but aren't sure how to get it.

Jennifer Valdez – president of Americas for Intelliflo – noted that, "As evidenced by our recent survey, there is a significant need and desire for financial advice across the board, but many simply don't know how to access it.”

Thus, having a robust and strong digital presence and content marketing strategy stands as a crucial way for financial advisors in today's landscape of engagement and interaction.

It diverges significantly from the traditional outbound marketing that emphasizes sales through leveraging ads, endorsements, and partnerships with media agencies.

Instead, strong content adopts an inbound approach, revolutionizing connections with both prospective and existing clients to build an authority that individuals will trust.

And more advisors are realizing this. . .

For example – according to a 2023 survey from BroadRidge2 – roughly half (53%) of financial advisors say that they regularly shared educational content with clients to keep them informed – especially through newsletters.

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Figure 1: Broadridge 2023 Survey

Now, what about the other 47% that didn’t share?

Those respondents shared that it mostly boiled down to a lack of time to generate content or uncertainty about the process.

And that’s a valid issue.

See, generating high-quality content independently demands a significant amount of time (believe me, I know).

But it’s also about having expertise and paying meticulous attention to compliance, relevance, and readability.

Making matters more complicated is that writing about markets and economics may be a challenge for some.  

Or - said another way - someone may be a phenomenal money manager or economist, but not a great writer.

But there’s a secret to helping this. . .

It’s called the Feynman Technique.

The Feynman Technique – Delivering Deep Understanding In An Easier Way

Richard Feynman - the Nobel Prize winner in Physics and a guru in simplifying intricate subjects – taught us a vital lesson.

Complexity and technical jargon often camouflage a lack of true understanding.

Or, as the renowned statistician and economist E.F. Schumacher, once said:

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.”

These brilliant men understood that by simplifying our initial explanations and refining our feedback through analogies trumps talking at too high of a level.

Thus, Feynman's learning method involves four pivotal steps:

1.    Choose a concept for learning.

2.    Explain it as if teaching a child.

3.    Review and enhance your comprehension.

4.    Organize your notes and revisit them consistently.

Having the ability to explain a complex topic to the general public is a powerful tool.

Many clients – I’d imagine - don’t want to have a PhD economics or collegiate finance course taught to them.

They simply want things broken down in an easy-to-understand way that helps them.

Thus, as a financial advisor, this is a strong method to potentially increase client retention and trust.

Now, you may be thinking, “What if I don’t have the time to write compelling content constantly?”

If that’s the case – don’t fret.

Instead, look into leveraging quality third-party content effectively. . .

Don’t Have Time To Create High-Quality Content? Don’t Let That Stop You

Using external content – meaning to share what others write - aids in educating potential clients and establishes your authority.

What’s better is that this approach for potential lead generation and client retention doesn't demand content creation and promotion efforts.

Things like sharing high-quality, engaging content and media with your contacts on topics that relate to them, and your services are just as impactful.

Ensuring a seamless and positive experience on social media platforms reflects well on your professional practice.

Such content creation or sourcing has been shown to help gain clients according to some studies.

For instance, the 2023 Putnam Investments3 survey showed that 68% of advisors who gained clients created or sourced original content vs. 46% who didn’t.

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In a landscape inundated with information, standing out through valuable, curated content has become a necessity.

Whether through original or curated content, the role of quality material in engaging prospective clients and nurturing existing relationships remains unparalleled.

A successful content strategy aims to enhance brand recognition, retain existing clients, and entice potential prospects.  Embracing such strategies can not only streamline engagement but also elevate the advisor-client dynamic in an increasingly competitive digital realm.

So, even if finding both the time and compelling ideas remains is a struggle, don’t shy away from outsourcing (sharing) other quality content.

By truthfully assessing your current position, gaining profound insights into your envisioned destination, and wholeheartedly committing to executing the strategy, your practice stands ready to gain.

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