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Identifying the Invisible Rich is a series developed by Bryce Sanders, President of Perceptive Business Solutions, Inc. together with Dunham. It teaches you to use information that is already publicly available on the internet to help you identify the wealthiest 2 to 5% of your target market, including those who might not be over-prospected.

Each segment of the Identifying the Invisible Rich series provides information to assist you as you go about your research. You can also receive live support from the Regional Marketing Associates at Dunham, access to an e-folder specific to the state you live in, and a suite of informational videos by contacting us at (858) 964-0500.

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Today we are looking at how to locate old money wealth – individuals who are typically known for their philanthropic activities.

Old Money Wealth

  • What defines high asset, low cash flow wealth?
  • How can you find philanthropists who fit this description?

Individuals and families with high asset, low cash flow wealth tend to be known for their philanthropic activities. We look at the different cultural institutions that these individuals are often involved with, how to locate examples in your area, and how to access annual reports that list the names of these donors. This may help expand your reach to old money prospects.

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