Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. He provides HNW client acquisition training for the financial services industry. His book, “Captivating the Wealthy Investor,” can be found on Amazon.

Every stock down in Dow ville, liked Christmas a lot;
But the Covid virus, of Twenty Twenty did not.

The virus hated the Dow, and all stocks together
Not just Winter or Summer, regardless of weather.

Dow changes upset him, they might have been noble.
But he was upset, when they dropped Exxon Mobil.

The virus said:  Let's get a steep drop going on,
Oil is weak, let’s start hammering Chevron.

I’ll tell people, masks they must wear.
To avoid getting sick, which no one would dare.

For a while N-95’s, were in short supply,
Until 3M came through, with all you could buy.

I’ll get them all scared, they’ll hoard toilet paper,
It’s a must have, their use cannot taper.

Proctor and Gamble, knew what you must buy,
They made sure that Charmin, was in ample supply.

The virus said “Lockdown”, you must stay at home,
People will go stir crazy, because they’re alone.

But Disney said: “We don’t want people screaming”
They launched Disney plus, one more service for streaming.

The virus said: You must work from home
Business will suffer, when you’re out of your zone.

Cisco said: The virus won’t be, a curse or hex,
We’ll get everyone homebound, to start using Web Ex;

With lots of traffic, the Internet will suffer
They’ll sit at the keyboard, web sites will buffer.

Verizon to the rescue, we’ll give you high speed,
So now you’ve got, all the internet that you need.

Next, I’ll shut all the restaurants, the virus he said,
They’ll be so depressed, they won’t leave the bed.

McDonalds said, This won’t happen to you,
Come by anytime, and use our drive thru.

The virus said, the economy I’ll stop,
If they’re stuck at home, nobody will shop.

VISA said, you’ve got to be kidding.
They can shop till they drop, while they’re at home sitting.

The virus then said, but I’m not going away
Better get used to me, for I’m here to stay.

Johnson and Johnson, they will have a vaccine,
When it’s available, remains to be seen.

Well, that’s only one, but I’ve gotten wiser.
Because in August, I got the Dow to drop Pfizer.

Now the virus, he feels like a jerk,
More vaccines are coming, like one from Merck.

At last the virus, he admitted defeat.
Hard as he tried, the Dow he couldn’t beat.

Those thirty stocks, together they rally,
To give a difficult year, a positive tally.

The virus will leave us, our lives will recover,
Travel will resume, new lands to discover.

For many years, we’ll tell the twenty twenty story,
And how thirty DOW stocks, were covered in glory.

As Christmas approaches, we close out the year,
Let’s hope January first, brings nothing to fear.

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