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You just met a fantastic HNW individual at a networking event, and even better, got their contact information. You are already planning to follow up with a call or email later this week.

In the meantime, the prospect is researching on their end too. Their first stop will likely be your LinkedIn page or website. When was the last time you looked over the “About” section on your website or LinkedIn? If the answer is, whenever I first created it, then it’s time for an update.

When a prospect looks you up, you want them to find everything they need. Most importantly, you want any doubts about hiring you as their advisor to disappear. I’ve assembled some key points to reference when revisiting your online bio so you can market your strengths and capture the attention of prospects.

Making the most of your "About" on Linkedin or your website


Use Your Bio to Capture the Attention of Clients

Be Creative and Highlight Your Personality

Be Creative & Highlight Your Personality

The best part about your website or Linkedin bio is that it’s unique to you. Take pride in the fact that nobody has the same experiences or expertise as you do. If your "About" or “Meet the Team” page sounds like anyone could have written it, don’t be afraid to add more personal touches.

This personal touch could be a thought-provoking opening, implementing light humor, or talking about your hobbies, family, and interests. One of these additions may spark an unexpected connection with a prospect.

Showcase Your Skills and Qualifications

Showcase Your Skills and Qualifications

You’ve done a lot of work to get to where you are now. While you won’t want to include your entire resume, be sure to mention a few experiences and qualifications that demonstrate your expertise. Tell your readers what licenses you hold, how many years of experience you have, and where you went to school. Your alma mater may be another talking point with a prospect.

Demonstrate How You Help Clients

Demonstrate How You Help Clients Succeed

While this is your “about” section, you don’t want to only talk about yourself. A marketing rule of thumb is to compare how many times you say “I” with how many times you say “you.” Don’t leave your prospects out of the picture. Angle your writing to address your target audience and demonstrate how you assist people in their niche. Not only do clients want to get to know you, they also want to know how you can help them.

Include a Call-to-Action

Include a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action can be an essential step for helping prospects turn into clients. Make it easy for the prospect to get in touch with you when they want to learn more. This call-to-action should be a button, email, or phone number placed right after the text. The button may prompt them to schedule a meeting or download a free brochure or pamphlet about your practice. That way, someone compelled by your profile can take action immediately.

Run it Through Spell Check

Run it Through Spell check

Using a spell check or editing software, such as Grammarly, is essential. Nothing feels worse than noticing a typo mid-sentence, not knowing how many prospects have spotted the error. Additionally, have a friend, family member, or coworker read it over before you set it live. They can provide feedback on style or tone from an outside perspective.


Let Prospects Leave without Finding What They Were Looking For

Don't make it too long or bury important details.

Don't Make it Too Long or Bury Important Details

Studies show that the average web user will give a web page 15 seconds of active attention. So, don’t try to save the best for last. Include all the most important pieces of information upfront so they can be easily found. If you make your text too long, a potential client could get overwhelmed and click away without reading everything.

Don't Be Vague: Be as Specific as You Can

Don't Be Vague or Leave Out Key Information

While you want to be concise, don’t be vague. If it says you are a financial advisor who assists clients in money management – you didn’t include enough information. Be as specific as you can to resonate with clients who can benefit from your exact services. Don’t leave out critical information such as your qualifications, services, or strengths.

Don't Leave Out Your Value Proposition

Don't Leave Out Your Value Proposition

That’s what you promise to bring to your clients when they do business with you. Don’t forget to highlight how working with you will be a rewarding experience. Again, angle your value proposition to fit in with the needs of your target audience. If your value proposition is too broad, it will be harder for a prospect to connect with your vision.

A few final touches…

Use a font that is large and easy to read. Don’t forget to include a clear photo of your face and your contact information. With a bio that accurately represents your skills and the services you provide, you can continue reaching out to prospects with confidence!

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