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Have a holly, jolly Q1.

Let’s end this impactful year.

I don’t know if inflation slows,

The Fed says let’s not fear!

Have a holly, jolly Q1.

This past year let’s not forget,

Crypto, Zoom, the GameStop Boom,

And how they made us sweat.

Oh, ho, so much to know about 2021.

Cargo ships, supply chain rifts, stimulus is done.

Have a holly, jolly Q1.

The word all along Wall Street,

Was say “hello” to strong portfolios,

Thanks to the S&P!

Oh, ho the great Dow Jones, was high as can be!

I hope it’ll grow and keep bears away from me.

Have a holly, jolly Q1!

And in case you didn’t hear,

Oh by golly have a holly, jolly Q1,

Next year!

Happy Holidays from the Dunham Team!

We are thankful for your business and we look forward to continuing our partnership into next year.

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