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With headlines touting the term ”recession” and ”market downturn” you may have noticed your clients have become increasingly nervous about their investments. We all remember the hardships presented by the 2008 Financial Crisis, and the current market may bring back some unpleasant memories of that time.

If your clients’ risk tolerance is decreasing while talk of a recession is increasing, some of your clients may ask you to find options with potentially less volatility.

This is where Dunham may be able to help your client and your practice.

The Dunham Insured Deposit Marketplace (IDM) offers up to $50 million of FDIC Insurance by diversifying your funds through a marketplace of participating banks. This cash management account provides stability, daily liquidity, and convenience. In addition, IDM delivers, what we believe to be, a competitive yield and increases insurance protection on eligible assets.

Visit the Dunham Insured Deposit Marketplace Website for the Current Yield of Dunham IDM and important disclosures in the IDM Disclosure Booklet.

How does Dunham IDM work?

We all know that  banks offer up to $250,000 of FDIC insurance for depositors.  However, some  of your clients  may have more they want insured by the FDIC. Typically, this meant opening accounts with various banks in town to maximize their FDIC insurance.

This is where the Dunham IDM comes in.

Through the Dunham Insured Deposit Marketplace, Dunham Trust Company acts as your agent  and spreads the deposit among a network of banks. The IDM allocates the funds to as many banks as necessary to provide your client FDIC Insurance up to $50 million.

What are the advantages of Dunham IDM?

Dunham’s IDM provides numerous benefits such as:

1. Safety

With the current state of the global market and talk of a recession, your clients may be looking for less risk. Access to FDIC Insurance can help you satisfy this objective by providing a stable deposit investment backed by up to $50 million of FDIC insurance.

2. Your AUM Preservation

If your clients are experiencing unease due to the current market conditions, they may be considering pulling their money out of the market completely to the safety of their local bank. While we believe that staying in the market has historically been the best course of action, even though past performance does not indicate future results, the pressure is sometimes too much for your client.

You don’t have to lose those assets under management. With Dunham’s IDM, you still manage their assets, and your clients can experience better sleep at night due to the stable value of the IDM coupled with the FDIC Insurance and with what we consider a competitive interest rate. When they become more comfortable with the stock and bond markets, you can easily redeploy the assets from IDM or use IDM to dollar cost average back into the markets.

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3. Easy Access

Attempting  the task of finding multiple bank relationships to achieve up to $50 million in FDIC insurance may not be something you have the time for!

Dunham’s IDM program can handle this for you and for your client by providing what we believe to be a competitive yield and up to $50 million in FDIC Insurance.

4. Daily Liquidity

The Dunham IDM may be able to provide a solution for your clients liquidity needs. IDM provides daily liquidity with this program.

5. Diversification

With Dunham’s IDM, your client’s assets will be diversified among several FDIC insured banks, increasing insurance protection on eligible assets. By spreading assets , the IDM can offer up to $50 million of FDIC insurance instead of the $250,000 offered by a singular bank.

6. Ability to Stay Within the Dunham Wrap Fee Program

The Dunham IDM is part of Dunham’s Wrap fee program. You retain the ability to manage these funds under your advisory services depending on your clients unique situation.

You may not want to wait for the current market to scare your clients into the arms of your local bank. Consider Dunham IDM  as an option to solve your client’s cash and insured deposit needs while they wait to jump back into the market.

Discover a way to potentially keep your clients’ assets safe while retaining your assets under management. Call our Business Development Team at 858.964.0500 for more information on this important opportunity.

Important Disclosures:

If you participate in the IDM offered by Dunham Trust Company (“DTC”), DTC is acting as your agent. DTC also serves as custodian of the Custom Asset Allocation Programs and is an affiliated entity of Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc., (“DAIC”), a Registered Investment Adviser and Broker/ Dealer. Member FINRA/ SIPC. DAIC is the sponsor of the Dunham Asset Allocation Program.

The FDIC insurance limit for all insurable capacities in the IDM is $250,000 per program bank. The IDM program banks may be excluded from receiving program deposits in the event that total assets at a program bank (including assets that are held with the bank outside of DTC’s IDM) exceed the FDIC insurance limits. For example, if you have deposits in a bank through the program and also have made deposits at that bank outside the program, all of these deposits will count toward the FDIC limit. It is your obligation to monitor your account(s), your FDIC coverage and your FDIC insurance eligibility. See for more details regarding FDIC coverage. For more information on DTC’s IDM, please refer to the IDM Disclosure Booklet. If you would like to opt out from certain program banks, please speak to your advisor or contact Dunham at

A Bank List is available at

Excluding a bank from holding your Insured Bank Deposit balances may result in a lower available program limit for FDIC insurance. The bank list is subject to change.

See the IDM Disclosure Booklet for details, limitations, and eligibility requirements to participate in the IDM.

For the IDM, the program interest rate is impacted by several factors, including the total amount paid on deposits by the program banks, the fee paid to DTC and a fee paid to a third party that assists DTC in operating the program. DTC determines the portion of revenue it receives as a fee. The fee paid to DTC will affect the interest rate and may exceed the amounts paid to clients in the form of interest. Neither the program banks nor DTC is required to offer the highest rates available or rates comparable to money market mutual fund yields. In contrast, money market mutual funds generally seek to achieve the highest rate of return consistent with their investment objectives, which can be found in their prospectuses.

The most up-to-date interest rates may be found by visiting:

DTC, at its discretion, may determine that your account is ineligible to participate in the IDM. IDM provides up to $50 million of FDIC insurance.

The deposit rates and annual percentage yields are variable and may change at any time at DTC’s discretion. They are effective as of the date shown above. Interest will be accrued daily and credited monthly.

Unlike the IDM, non-deposit investments held by your broker-dealer (such as DAIC), are NOT FDIC INSURED / NOT BANK GUARANTEED / MAY LOSE VALUE.

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