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Financial Advisors 11/14/2023

Client Retention For Financial Advisors: What Clients Seem To Really Want

Client retention is crucial for financial advisors. Understanding why clients leave and employing strategies to enhance retention build enduring re... READ MORE

Macro 11/13/2023

Part One: Is a BRICS Currency a Flawed Idea? I Think So – And Here’s Why

The article explores 'de-dollarization' and the potential formation of a BRICS currency. It addresses the reasons why this may not be as straightfo... READ MORE

Selling a Business 11/9/2023

Advanced Strategies: Increasing Your Business Value When Selling Your Business

Discover key strategies to unlock the maximum value in your business sale. From understanding value drivers to transparent financial documentation ... READ MORE

Reading List 11/7/2023

The Dunham Bookshelf: Top Books For Financial Advisors

In the ever-evolving world of finance, continuous growth and reading are essential for financial advisors to excel. here's a curated list of our re... READ MORE

Macro 11/2/2023

The Natural Rate of Interest: The Hidden Force Shaping Economics

The Fed's monetary policy and natural interest rates matter to investors. For years, natural rates of interest have been declining, influencing inv... READ MORE

IRS 11/1/2023

IRS Changes Are Here: You Cannot Plan for 2024 Without Knowing This

The IRS has just announced key adjustments for 2024, impacting retirement and tax planning - here's what you need to know. READ MORE

Inflation 10/31/2023

Demystifying Inflation: The Three Key Types and Their Impact

From demand-pull to cost-push and monetary inflation, explore the forces behind price hikes since the pandemic. Understand the intricacies of infla... READ MORE

Macro 10/24/2023

Unveiling the Silent Warning Signs: The Bank Lending Decline and Steepening Yield Curve - Why They Matter

Amid greater market uncertainty, declining bank lending is indicating some potential issues. Meanwhile, a rapidly steepening yield curve may pose f... READ MORE

Volatility 10/16/2023

Defend and Conquer: Approaching the Ominous "Volatility Tax"

The "volatility tax" reveals the deceptive cost of steep portfolio losses, emphasizing the significance of understanding how money grows or shrinks... READ MORE

Behavioral Finance 10/10/2023

Why Humans Hate Losing: The Impact of Prospect Theory in Finance

Understanding cognitive biases in finance is crucial. It's important to try and make rational decisions despite our complex human nature. Prospect ... READ MORE


Dunham Quarterly Snapshot Q3 2023

This post was authored by the Dunham Marketing Team. If you have questions concerning today's topic, please call us at (858) 964 - 0500. Hol... READ MORE

Soft Landing 10/3/2023

“Don't Be The Turkey”: Questioning The Soft-Landing Narrative

The U.S. economy's unexpected resilience raises concerns about complacency and "recency bias". As the media touts a 'soft landing,' history shows e... READ MORE

Inverse Yield Curve 9/26/2023

Navigating an Inverse Yield Environment: Financial Advisor Investment Strategies for Preserving Capital

When you invest in short-term debt instruments you receive a lower interest rate and when you invest in longer-term debt instruments with longer ma... READ MORE

dunham donor advised fund 9/19/2023

The Dunham Donor Advised Fund: A Strategic Approach to Addressing Client Taxes and Enhancing Client Relationships

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have emerged as a powerful tool that financial advisors can utilize to effectively address client taxes, while also attr... READ MORE

Dunham Onboarding Experience 9/12/2023

The Dunham Onboarding Experience

As a financial advisor and entrepreneur, you understand that a smooth onboarding process is not just a checklist—it is an impactful experience. Tha... READ MORE

Roth Conversion 9/5/2023

That Magic Moment - Can a Roth Conversion be "tax-free"?

If you are considering a Roth IRA conversion for its many benefits, remember to set up a Donor-Advised Fund before the end of 2023. This will not o... READ MORE

digital marketing 8/29/2023

Leveraging Digital Marketing: A Game-Changer for Financial Advisors

In today's digital age, financial advisors have numerous opportunities to enhance their practice and attract their ideal clients through digital ma... READ MORE

Divorce 8/22/2023

Protecting Inheritance From a Child's Divorce: How Inheritance Trusts Can Provide Asset Protection in the Event of a Child's Divorce

Many financial advisors overlook or inadequately address protecting their client’s child’s inheritance from divorce. Inheritance Trusts should be a... READ MORE

FDIC Insurance 8/15/2023

Recent Heartland Tri-State Bank Failure and Moody's Downgrades 10 Banks - The Importance of $50 Million FDIC Insurance in Advisory Accounts

The financial services industry has seen many innovations, but few can revolutionize how financial advisors operate, secure client assets, and deli... READ MORE

Rodeo 8/8/2023

Funky Ways Financial Advisors Can Stay Fired Up!

Welcome to the Rodeo of the Financial Services Industry. The financial year's ticking clock can feel like an eight-second ride. Besides, advisors m... READ MORE