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Macro 5/24/2024

A Looming Wall Of Corporate Debt: The Threat of 'Fallen Angels'

There is a large amount of corporate debt, especially from BBB-rated companies, that is maturing in the next three years, posing a risk if downgrad... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 5/21/2024

The Feminization of Wealth and the Role of DunhamDC

Women are set to inherit $30 trillion of Baby Boomer wealth by the decade's end. This "Feminization of Wealth" signifies a major demographic shift.... READ MORE

Macro 5/17/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

The Kansas City Fed LMCI shows a weakening U.S. labor market, signaling potential further softening. China's credit contraction pressures the gover... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 5/14/2024

Financial Planning In An Era Of Longer Lifespans: What You Need To Know

As life expectancies rise, retirement planning faces challenges. Longer lifespans mean longer retirements, necessitating adjustments in financial p... READ MORE

Macro 5/13/2024

Economic Crossroads: What Lies Ahead for Consumers as Excess Savings Evaporates?

As excess savings from COVID stimulus evaporate, US consumers face challenges. High credit card debt, BNPL schemes, and rising delinquencies paint ... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 5/7/2024

The Great Wealth Transfer: Here’s What You Need To Know

Discover the implications of the "Great Wealth Transfer" for generations to come. Explore its economic impacts and how financial advisors can guid... READ MORE

Macro 5/3/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

The US job market showing signs of cooling all around. The Japanese yen hit a 34-year low against the dollar, seemingly triggering government inter... READ MORE

Banking 4/30/2024

Is Our Financial System Facing the Consequences of Moral Hazard?

Explore the dynamics of government intervention and moral hazard in banking. Understand how client trust in government-backed insurance can fuel ri... READ MORE

Macro 4/26/2024

Trading Shots: Escalating Trade Wars and Echoes from the Great Depression

I've highlighted the looming specter of escalating trade tensions, particularly targeting China. This isn't just about economics; it's about the po... READ MORE

Retirement 4/23/2024

Preparing for Retirement: Understanding Challenges and Options

Explore the journey of retirement planning, filled with excitement and anxiety. Discover how financial advisors help navigate financial uncertainti... READ MORE

Dunham Deep Dive 4/22/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

The electric vehicle sector faces challenges amid soaring Chinese exports, leading to layoffs and declining sales. Meanwhile, US inflation remains ... READ MORE

Retirement 4/16/2024

“Eating Your Retirement Funds”: How Food Erodes Your Nest Egg

Are your clients prepared to dine comfortably in retirement? This article sheds light on the importance of budgeting for post-career meals, emphas... READ MORE

Macro 4/15/2024

They Say Demographics Are Destiny: If So, Things May Look Pretty Bleak

The decline in birth rates poses challenges: an aging population, declining workforce, and strained social programs. Despite efforts, global ferti... READ MORE

Retirement 4/9/2024

Riding the Wave: Exploring the Surging Retirement Boom Amidst the Wealth Effect

The wealth effect, driven by rising asset values, fuels spending and early retirement. Pandemic-era stimulus amplified this trend, leading to a sur... READ MORE

Dunham Deep Dive 4/5/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At Today

Amidst a bird flu outbreak in the US, egg prices may soar as supply dwindles. Meanwhile, corporate bankruptcies surge, signaling economic instabili... READ MORE

DunhamDC 4/2/2024

DunhamDC: Turning Fear And Greed Into A Strategic Advantage

DunhamDC: a unique and timeless way of investing by leveraging market sentiment through an unemotional and disciplined algorithm. Buy fear, sell gr... READ MORE

Behind The Scenes 4/1/2024

Dunham Behind the Scenes: Q2-2024

This post was authored by the Dunham Marketing Team. If you have questions concerning today's topic, please call us at (858) 964 - 0500. Hol... READ MORE

News 4/1/2024

Dunham's April Fools' Delight - Here's What You Missed

This post was authored by Salvatore M. Capizzi, Dunham's Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. If you have questions concerning today's topic, pl... READ MORE

Macro 3/28/2024

My Top Q1-2024 'Morning Pours' With Must-See Updates

Concerns over auto market dynamics have persisted since January as subprime loan delinquencies surge. Banks also grapple with commercial real estat... READ MORE

Retirement 3/26/2024

Don’t Forget About Sequence Risk, the Overlooked Threat to Financial Sustainability in Retirement

In a modern twist, Cinderella's inheritance choice teaches a valuable lesson on retirement planning. Opting for stability over glamour, she avoids ... READ MORE